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Bushwick baby!

Oh yeah! Tomorrow we're doing the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop! There are a few spaces available. We explore the incredible street art in Bushwick and also work on some creative photographic techniques. People often tell me that they are getting bored with doing the same old things photographically. When you explore creative techniques it also sheds new light on the standard techniques and helps you to see things differently. This workshop is for people will all levels of experience photographically and we often are able to get some street photography as well.  

Leanne Staples
Chinatown in color

Another photo that I took yesterday from my photo tour in Chinatown. And I decided to process it in color because of the red wall. I am also considering doing a black and white version as well. They both work for this photo. I have 3 workshops scheduled at the moment. Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography tomorrow, Sunday 26 March. Chinatown Street Photography Workshop on Sunday 2 April and Harlem on Sunday 16 April. And you can read reviews of previous attendees of workshops and photo tours here on my site.

Leanne Staples
Chinatown in B&W

So the temptation is easily to go with color processing with photos in Chinatown. But recently I've been doing more previewing in black and white while shooting. It is a big preference of mine. It was mostly overcast today for the photo tour which makes color even more outstanding. But so far I am not giving into color. I'll see what happens when I get to red walls!  We had a great time today! Friday 24 March 2017.

Leanne Staples
Chinatown Community Center

Tomorrow I'm giving a photo tour in Chinatown! I love it there and I have for many decades. According to my photo catalogue, I have 34,000 photos taken in Chinatown! (And that isn't all of my digital photos!) My biggest problem with Chinatown is the decision to process black and white or color! It often works well for both. I also do street photography workshops in Chinatown as well. This photo was taken 5 March 2017 during a workshop!

Leanne Staples
East Village Go Go

I was out on a photo tour yesterday and I have a few shots that I like! Still making my way through them. We spent time in Greenwich Village, Soho and the East Village walking the streets and taking photos of buildings and puddle reflections as well as street photography and intentional camera movement. It was great fun! You can see information about that tour and others on my site. And you will also find reviews there about my tours and workshops. East Village Go Go, 21 March 2017.

Leanne Staples
On Photo Tour Today!

Today I had a photo tour in Greenwich Village, Soho and the East Village. The weather was fabulous and it was partly sunny. So we had great shadows to work with. And we had a great time! The difference between a photo tour and a workshop is that a tour is private, one-on-one and we choose the date and place and what you want to do photographically. My workshops are prescheduled and people register online for them. A workshop is a maximum of 6 people and while the subject is somewhat fixed for a workshop I am flexible to the needs of the attendees. This photo was taken today, 21 March 2017 in the East Village, New York City.

Leanne Staples
Next Sunday the Bushwick Workshop!

Bushwick is a fabulous neighborhood if you are interested in amazing street art and also exploring an area of New York City beyond Manhattan. A neighborhood that has a very different look and feel than Manhattan. There are at least 100 walls of incredible street art. These walls are curated just like museums and the street art is from street artists from around the world. On the Bushwick Street Art and Creative Photography Workshop we explore the neighborhood and document and we also use a number of creative photography techniques to produce more painterly photos as well. On occasion we are able to get some street photography as well. But this neighborhood has fewer people. This photo was taken on 26 February 2017 during a previous Bushwick workshop.

Leanne Staples
Yesterday Little Odessa. . .

Yesterday was the Street Photography Workshop in Little Odessa, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. The weather was fabulous and we had a really good time. I'm just beginning to have a look at my photos. Here's one from the workshop. The next Sunday Workshop is in Bushwick for the Amazing Street Art and Creative Photography techniques. 

Leanne Staples
Portrait of a Photographer

I have the great good fortune to meet some really cool people from around the world on my photo tours and workshops. We get to know each other as well as explore this crazy city and shoot photos while discussing cameras and techniques and composition and I always point out the numerous things that I find amazing. If I'm doing a good job, I'm providing confidence, enthusiasm and maybe even inspiration. I think that photography should always be about fun and we typically do enjoy the time we spend together. You can see what other people say on the reviews section of my site. This photo was taken during a street photography workshop in Chinatown March 2017.

Leanne Staples
Lower East Side Story

Here's a photo from the lower East Side. New Yorkers call it LES. A very cool neighborhood. Many independent businesses and some good street art. Once upon a time most New Yorkers wouldn't go anywhere near it. It is a common location for my photo tours for street photography and urban landscapes. I quite like the red brick wall, window and the man walking out of the frame. New Yorkers are usually in a hurry to get somewhere. This photo was taken in October 2016 on a photo tour. 

Leanne Staples