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A Common Question

There are a number of questions that I get on a fairly regular basis about photography. One of them is to process street photography color or black and white? I could say that I choose to process my street photography photos in b&w about 80% of the time. A number of elements go into the decision-making process on that. Typically the weather and lighting is of course one of them. On a bright sunny day I'm more likely to process in b&w. On a rainy day with saturated colors I might actually process in color. A red wall could make the difference for me. And there are many red walls in Chinatown. The other factor that goes into the decision-making process is purely mood. If you shoot RAW, which the majority of people on my photo tours and workshops seem to do these days, I often suggest previewing your photos in b&w. RAW photos will be in color when you upload them to your computer anyway. Chinatown is a regular location for a number of my photo tours and street photography workshops.

Leanne Staples