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Bushwick street

Going out shooting is one stage in the process. Post-processing is another. I love them both and they both take a different mindset. Was out shooting Bushwick yesterday with the workshop and it and everywhere are bright colors! Duh! That's one of the reasons we go to Bushwick. To see the amazing street art. But today I processed many of the photos in black and white. Some of them with wild colors. Even my own standard mode of thinking is to go with color. Sometimes it's good to break old habits. To test out different ways of doing things! And since I shoot RAW, I'm not really worried. If I change my mind at a later date I'll process them in color! We explore many different techniques during the workshops and I have 3 scheduled Street Photography Workshops in April. - kush kush, 26 March 2017, Bushwick.

Leanne Staples