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Exploring Street Photography

Street photography has many different definitions and perhaps there isn't one correct definition of what it is. Street photography for me has always been about capturing the spirit of place with a human element in it. I typically start with composition. With a background that captures my eye. Perhaps that is because I started out thinking I was going to be an architectural photographer. There are certain elements that always jump out at me. Shadows, reflections, repetitive patterns and signs to name a few. That said, I do also occasionally shoot from the hip or while walking. But in general, I like to stand in one place and wait for people to enter my frame. If you're interested in exploring different aspects of street photography or just want to become more comfortable doing it, I have a number of Street Photography Workshops that you can get involved in. We discuss everything from shooting and camera settings to processing and we always have fun doing it! You can see reviews from previous attendees on my site as well.

Leanne Staples