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Review by Jennifer, Dallas, Texas

Highly Recommended! My first trip to New York I knew I wanted to photograph the city and I’m so happy to have found Leanne on a google. We did a 4 hour tour around Chinatown, Soho, and Greenwich Village and I must say Leanne is very knowledgeable about these neighborhoods as well as photography. She is a true artist. As we walked through the streets we discussed photography processes and techniques and about the history of the New York. She knew so much about the areas we explored and showed me places that I would’ve never found without the help of a real NYC tour guide. She is very easy-going and I think her pricing is fair. She even surprised me with post cards of her artwork! I will be recommending her to my friends and fellow artists and next time I’m back in NYC I will definitely be taking another tour with Leanne!

Leanne Staples