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Coney Island Mermaid Parade

I'm gearing up for the 2017 Coney Island Mermaid Parade! This year it's on Saturday 17 June. I'm still going through photos from last year! This will be my 9th year! A few people have asked me if I'll be doing a workshop for the Mermaid. I am contemplating the idea. It would have to be a really small group if I do. I'll keep people informed. But if you're interested please let me know. So much fun and great photo ops.

Leanne Staples
Street Photography in Soho

Street photography comes in many flavors. For me, it's about capturing the human element in the urban environment. The combination of that which is man made and how people respond to their environment. Typically I aim for my shots to be candid. For my presence to go unnoticed. Not always an easy thing for me to do! People tend to notice me. And often people will continue on their way without looking at me with a little smile and an expression of acknowledgment. I came upon this brick wall and the sunlight hitting it. Oh and the sign "hollow sidewalk." Yikes! Then I just waited for someone to enter the frame. Photo taken on a photo tour of Soho and Greenwich Village, 1 November 2016. 

Leanne Staples
Astor Place rainy day

Rainy days are fabulous for photography! With Spring upon us we tend to get a fair amount of rain. Capturing umbrellas and raindrops are right there on the top of my list! No matter the weather, I try to find something to shoot whether it's street photography or more abstract. Are you looking to up your photography? I have 3 workshops coming up in May - Coney Island, El Barrio and Bushwick. From street photography to composition to creativity. - Astor Place rainy day, 31 March 2017.

Leanne Staples
More than one method

What is it about technology and technically perfect photos that appeals to people in general and photographers more specifically? We already know that in many ways technology is a big distraction. Is there truth in technically perfect photos? I throw these questions out there because I have become disillusioned with the idea that a photograph can replicate reality or even that that's what I'd like it to do. Recently I was giving a photo tour in Dumbo and taking photos that I've photographed so many times before and I decided then and there that I was going to do it differently. I have a photo that I did a number of years ago there that is more a "realistic" photo. Whatever that means. I think a photograph should reflect the photographer. And when a photo does that it doesn't really matter if it is a truer representation or a more creative view of the place. Photography is always personal. Photos from 15 April 2017 and 4 December 2010.

Leanne Staples
Street Photography and Motion Blur

Every once in awhile I am able to combine both street photography and motion blur in the same shot. Two of my favorite kinds of photography! It was a rainy afternoon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A very cool neighborhood in the city. I started taking intentional camera movement photos while walking and talking with a friend. Without stopping. And simultaneously moving the camera to create blur. Perhaps I can call this action photography. I do enjoy trying out new things. I was prepared to throw out all the photos that I took that afternoon. But I was pleasantly surprised with a number of them. If you are interested in street photography and/or creative photography, I have 3 workshops coming up in May. - b&w in Greenpoint, 22 April 2017.

Leanne Staples
Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop.

Are you interested in getting creative with your photography? On Sunday 14 May is the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop. It is a 4 hour workshop and we spend our time on the street exploring the amazing street art and exploring a number of creative photography techniques. 


We do get a few opportunities to capture some street photography. But this not the emphasis of this workshop. There aren't really that many people walking around the streets. One of the things that we explore is intentional camera movement. It's about creating motion blur and a painterly style of photography.


The workshop is limited to 6 people and we always have a great time! You can register online and you can also see reviews from people who have attended my workshops and tours.

Leanne Staples
Photography as Language

This is an excerpt from a book that I'm writing on photography. "Photography is like learning a new language. In the beginning you are constantly aware of grammar, sentence structure, verb conjugations and vocabulary. It's all very conscious. It takes awhile to learn the different parts of language. To learn how to communicate with photography." You'll have to wait for more! - Photo, In Greenpoint 3, 22 April, 2017.

Leanne Staples
B&W in Greenpoint

Another photo from my afternoon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. What a fabulous neighborhood. It's possible that I'm just a closet painter. I've thought about painting a few times in my life but I was never able to decide what to paint! It wasn't until I started doing more abstract photography that I started to realize that I have inspiration for painting. And speaking of inspiration, one of my favorite artists is Gerhard Richter who paints paintings that almost look like photographs. For the moment I have a few series of photos that look like paintings. Perhaps I will cross over to the other side one day! For the moment intentional camera movement is one of my favorite techniques in photography. You can see more of my motion blur photography on my other site. B&W in Greenpoint, 22 April 2017.

Leanne Staples
Greenpoint afternoon

Another photo from Sunday afternoon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I adore photography that 'breaks the rules.' Yes, I adore blur. It was a perfect day for it! If you haven't been to Greenpoint before it is definitely worth exploring. If you are interested in photo tour there all you need to do it request it. It isn't possible for me to list every tour that I can offer. As well, if you are interested in exploring intentional camera movement or other photographic techniques we can do that as well. Photo tours are for New Yorkers as well. And you can be a group of up to 4 people for no additional charge. You can see some of my suggested tours on my site as well as reviews of my tours and workshops as well. Greenpoint afternoon, 22 April, 2017.

Leanne Staples
Simply Fabulous!

I went to see the ever-talented, crazy creative, fantastic being extraordinaire Davey Mitchell tonight at his happening in the East Village as part of the Howl! Festival. If you haven't seen Art by Davey, you are really missing out. I had the pleasure a few years back of doing a photo shoot with him. And you can buy a magazine with incredible photos of his costume design and characters! This is just a party shot. I will post a photo or two of Davey as well. First, I just had to post this shot with silence=death. They're back!

Leanne Staples