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A Camera is a Tool

Recently I was looking at photos on Instagram and someone commented on a photo saying that it's a great shot and wanted to know what kind of camera the photographer was using. I always have a little laugh when people do that and they have done the same thing to me. A camera is a tool period. A camera does not take a photo. A person does. Whichever camera works best for you is the best camera for you. Not the camera that another person takes fabulous photos with. All cameras have limitations and it's necessary to use a different camera for different functions. Do you ask a carpenter what kind of hammer that she uses? I think it's important to realize that only you can create a photo that you like. Learning how to use your camera is one part of the equation. Learning how to see and compose is another. I am always learning both! If you want to explore photography and New York City, I have private photo tours and group photography workshops. You can see reviews from previous attendees on my site. Jefferson Street Station, 26 March 2017.

Leanne Staples
Bushwick morning in b&w

A photo from last Sunday and the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop. Yes, it's in black and white. Oh and there's Lisa! This is part of my new series that I'm planning on adding to my site soon. My photography site gets neglected as a result of spending my time here on Shoot New York City. Always stealing time to process photos and update my website! You can also find me on Instagram @shootnycity and @leannemstaples

Leanne Staples
Modern Times

Here's another b&w photo in my new series of street photography. This photo was taken in Chinatown a few years ago. I have so many photos that I am weeding through. At times I wait because I haven't figured out what kind of processing that I want to do and I could've easily processed this in color. Maybe in the future I will do a color copy of it. The next Street Photography Workshop is this Sunday in Chinatown and there are a few spaces available. And the weather looks good!

Leanne Staples
Street Photography in the Village

Another photo that I took recently on a photo tour of Greenwich Village. And I'm in the mood for black and white these days. Sometimes a photo just looks better in b&w. Color, if there's too much of it, can look a little too busy for me. It distracts the eye from the subject. Other times there might not even be enough color in a photo to want to leave the color in. Photography is purely subjective. It is what appeals to you! If you are looking to do street photography in the city I have a workshop coming up on Sunday 2 April in Chinatown and there are a couple spaces still available.

Leanne Staples
Bushwick street

Going out shooting is one stage in the process. Post-processing is another. I love them both and they both take a different mindset. Was out shooting Bushwick yesterday with the workshop and it and everywhere are bright colors! Duh! That's one of the reasons we go to Bushwick. To see the amazing street art. But today I processed many of the photos in black and white. Some of them with wild colors. Even my own standard mode of thinking is to go with color. Sometimes it's good to break old habits. To test out different ways of doing things! And since I shoot RAW, I'm not really worried. If I change my mind at a later date I'll process them in color! We explore many different techniques during the workshops and I have 3 scheduled Street Photography Workshops in April. - kush kush, 26 March 2017, Bushwick.

Leanne Staples
The only reality is now

Here's a photo from the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop yesterday. There are so many fantastic street art walls in Bushwick. I haven't scheduled another Bushwick Workshop yet. It's possible I will schedule one for the end of April. In the meantime, I have 3 upcoming Street Photography Workshops. Pictured here is one of the photographers who participated in the workshop 26 March 2017. 

Leanne Staples
Chinatown Workshop

On Sunday 2 April is the Chinatown Street Photography Workshop. No matter your level of experience as a photographer or your level of experience in street photography, my workshops are a combination of working with the group as a whole as well as individually. Chinatown has a timeless look to it and it's possible to get photos that look like they were taken 25 years ago. You can register for this workshop on my site and you can also see reviews from previous workshop and photo tour attendees.

Leanne Staples
Summer in Bushwick

We had a fabulous time in Bushwick today! A great group! The weather behaved for this time of year. We had a great time walking and talking and shooting. The street art in Bushwick is incredible and sometimes you meet incredible people as well. Today we had the pleasure of meeting Summer. He's a dramatic actor. I asked if we could photography him. Sometimes people are too incredible to just let them walk by. But then that's me. This isn't the first time it's happened during one of my workshops! The next workshop is 2 April in Chinatown. This is the first photo from today. 26 March 2017.

Leanne Staples
Bushwick baby!

Oh yeah! Tomorrow we're doing the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop! There are a few spaces available. We explore the incredible street art in Bushwick and also work on some creative photographic techniques. People often tell me that they are getting bored with doing the same old things photographically. When you explore creative techniques it also sheds new light on the standard techniques and helps you to see things differently. This workshop is for people will all levels of experience photographically and we often are able to get some street photography as well.  

Leanne Staples
Chinatown in color

Another photo that I took yesterday from my photo tour in Chinatown. And I decided to process it in color because of the red wall. I am also considering doing a black and white version as well. They both work for this photo. I have 3 workshops scheduled at the moment. Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography tomorrow, Sunday 26 March. Chinatown Street Photography Workshop on Sunday 2 April and Harlem on Sunday 16 April. And you can read reviews of previous attendees of workshops and photo tours here on my site.

Leanne Staples