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Reviews on Leanne Staples' Shoot New York City Photo Tours.

Review by Edward, Puerto Rico

“I took Leanne’s Barrio and Harlem tour.  Not only did she know some good spots to capture some vibrant photos that represent the neighborhoods, she also knew tidbits of history and culture as well that were very interesting.  I learned a lot about not only the neighborhood, but also the community, and the people.  Best of all, Leanne helped me to get out of my “shell” and be more daring to take some good street photography snapshots.  Next time I am in New York, I plan to see Leanne again.” - Edward, Puerto Rico.

Leanne Staples
Review by Patrick, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Excellent street photography workshop in Soho with Leanne. Leanne is an outstanding photographer, teacher, and guide. Small class size and a lot of individual attention is an added bonus. I highly recommend her." - Patrick, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Leanne Staples
Review by Ruven, New York City

"Leanne provided a great experience in a part of the city that was new to me. I have lived in New York for over two years but I had never been to Spanish Harlem (aka East Harlem aka El Barrio). Leanne made the experience comfortable and enjoyable for our group. She has a natural ease with the people and helped us to engage at a deeper level with many people and hear their stories.

Leanne guided us to locations for interesting pictures and provided details on composition and camera settings. We ended the long walk with a drink and a nice chat and review in a cool restaurant. This photo walk was a great experience for me (and I think the other four people as well). 

One note (not criticism): If you're looking for shot-by-shot analysis and detailed guidance regarding your individual pictures, this is not that kind of event. Leanne was making pictures at the same time as us, so we got to learn how she does 'street' by observing her. She constantly provided advice on location and angle for interesting composition and we did show Leanne some shots and got feedback from her, but this is not an intense 'training' type of event." - Ruven, New York City.

Leanne Staples
Review by Kayla, Winnipeg, Canada

"Great time with Leanne photographing Harlem. Our group from Winnipeg, Canada was down in New York for a Broadway tour and I decided to book something different this time for the folks who liked photography. I found Leanne through another photographer and she exceeded our expectations. She took us on a four hour tour of Harlem where we had the opportunity to shoot interesting locals on a busy Sunday. We had so much fun. We had 7 of us on the group. All different levels of photography. The best part was learning from Leanne all the ins and outs of street photography. From how to get the best hip shots to how to approach people when you want to snap their picture. Leanne was fun and full of great tips." - Kayla, Winnipeg, Canada.

Leanne Staples
Review by Alli, Melbourne, Australia

"I would recommend a tour with Leanne, fun, flexible and knowledgable. The timing of my trip didn't work to join one of Leanne's group tours but she offered to spend half a day with me on whatever I was most interested in shooting. She even met me where I was staying. As well as her knowledge and love of photography, she is great fun to hang out with and even knows where to get a good coffee along the way. I really enjoyed her local knowledge and she challenged me to shoot in ways that I don't normally shoot (from the hip). We started out on modern architecture but I will definitely spend the balance of my time in this great city honing my street photography as she opened my eyes as to a different approach to it. I would highly recommend any tour with Leanne. She's great from a photographic perspective and her local knowledge is a real bonus and adds to the experience." - Alli, Melbourne, Australia

Leanne Staples
Review by Whymark, London, Canada

"El Barrio Tour in May 2017. Leanne's tour was a lot of fun! She keeps the groups small so as not to be too imposing and unmanageable. The El Barrio photo tour was particularly good as it takes you to a neighbourhood full of warm people that might otherwise be overlooked by visitors to New York. Not to sound too fancy-pants, but the absence of tourists also makes for better photographs as New Yorkers are typically more interesting. :) It was a great afternoon and I was fortunate to spend it with a wonderful group of people. One last thing: Leanne's knowledge of the city equals her acumen for photography and her willingness to make recommendations is definitely something to mine. Top drawer!" - Whymark, London, Canada

Leanne Staples
Review by Ian, England

"One of the best things we did in NYC! Leanne is street savvy and engaging and you'll enjoy her trips whether you're a photographer or not. They offer an amazing opportunity to go offbeat, experience different sides of NYC and find a deeper connection with the people who live there. We did Harlem and El Barrio which was an amazing experience. Street photography challenged me - in a good way - but I'm now hooked!! I'll definitely look to do another trip with Leanne if and when I'm back in NYC." - Ian, England

Leanne Staples
Review by Lorrie, Virginia

"The BEST way to tour Brooklyn and Dumbo - My daughter and I had a fabulous time with Leanne. She was kind enough to meet us at our hotel and we hopped on the subway for the Brooklyn photography tour. She was very patient with us while we took an insane amount of photos (did I mention my daughter is 16?) and she gave us suggestions and tips as well. We saw things we never would have seen wandering around on our own, and had lunch at a great little Mexican restaurant. Then a few days after the tour, she e-mailed me the photos she took while we were wandering around. If you're looking for a tour that with some history of NY, great photography tips, and visits to some fabulous photo opportunities, this is definitely the tour for you." - Lorrie, Virginia

Leanne Staples
Review by Gary, Houston, Texas

"New York Experience with Leanne Staples. I recently returned to NYC and did my second photo tour with Leanne. I have been to NYC many times but Leanne has it down when it comes to finding the spots most visitors miss. I have been able to capture images of the city, people and architecture with her guidance that are priceless !! I look forward to my next trip to NYC and my next tour with Leanne." - Gary, Houston, Texas.

Leanne Staples
Review by Enrique, Vienna, Austria

"Best way to see Harlem. I got this photo tour for my birthday during my visit to NYC and my girlfriend and I had an amazing time with Leanne. She really does combine her street photography skills with her local knowledge and great insights to give you a great tour of the cities coolest neighborhoods. We had the chance to see Harlem and El Barrio, we learned a lot about the area and got some great shots the whole day. I would recommend this to anyone interested on photography and in local urban culture." - Enrique, Vienna, Austria

Leanne Staples