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Discover New York City

Discover New York City is a guide to the local independent businesses that are the heart and soul of NYC. Support indie businesses!

I love the independent businesses in New York, they are the heart and soul of the city. In this section you will find bookstores, cafés, restaurants, arts & crafts markets and more. It's an ongoing project to list the best of indie New York so visit often to discover the real New York City. Note - I am not compensated for writing these reviews and I'm only writing about the places that I like. I have eaten in restaurants and had coffee in cafes that I had thought that I would write about.


Joe Junior Restaurant, Gramercy Park, Manhattan

Joe Junior is your basic greasy spoon diner style restaurant. They boast that they make the best burgers in town. So far I've only had breakfast there and it was really good. But many people will back up their claim of making the best burger. The decor is traditional old school with a counter, tables and booths. I am unable to determine at this point how long they've been in business. But it's easily been 40 years. They've had to fight to keep their lease in the past and I hope that they stick around. The crowd at Joe Junior's is mostly locals and the atmosphere is cozy. This is a real gem in a city overrun with trendy expensive and chain restaurants. Sorry, no website.

Joe Junior Restaurant, 167 Third Avenue at 16th Street.

Joe Junior Restaurant