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Reviews on Leanne Staples' Shoot New York City Photo Tours.

Review by Mel, Switzerland

"It was my first time in New York and my most important gain was to shoot some good street photos there. This was a really great challenge to me so I was looking for the best street photographer on location who knows the good places to do that.
A friend of mine (Thomas Leuthard, Street Photographer from Switzerland) recommended Leanne Staples. Finally it comes that Leanne and I met in NYC and did the street tour together. In advance Leanne obtained some information about my previous photo ambitions to work out a suitable programm. I was happy that she had time. To get to know her was one of my great things on my NYC trip. Besides telling me a lot of photography and giving me helpful advices she was an excellent tour guide. I enjoyed every second. Leanne inspired me not only in the photographic way but also as personality.
Leanne, you are pretty cool and we have to meet again some time!"

Mel, Switzerland

Ahead. China Town.

Ahead. China Town.

Leanne Staples