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Review by Alvaro, Lisbon, Portugal

"I have been shooting street photography for almost two years. It's been a long process, with lots of reading and following some established photographers. That's where Leanne Staples comes in. I decided to take a photo tour in the Harlem with her guidance. It proved a wise decision. Leanne is a knowledgeable person -- not restricted to the art of photography --, making for an enjoyable tour. On photography, which is really what brings us here, I can only say that I would have missed quite a few details of the Harlem without her tips in the tour. One can sense her photographic thought and use it to one's benefit; I felt that I changed my photographic approach to capture defining characteristics of the place. She will also break the ice with some "locals", which helps embed oneself in the place." - Alvaro, Lisbon, Portugal

Leanne Staples