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Reviews on Leanne Staples' Shoot New York City Photo Tours.

Review by Keith, Brooklyn

"I started looking for a photo walk and came across reviews and website for Leanne.  I contact her about upcoming tours and signed up for her East Harlem walk.  The 3 hour tour, filled with great advice from a professional photographer as well as interesting facts about the neighborhood, was a highlight of my weekend. Normally I would not do a photo shoot in Harlem so it was interesting to get her perspective and visit a new area of the city.  

She not only gave photography hints and tips, but she also offered personal conversation and anecdotes. If you're visiting NYC or you're a native New Yorker and would like to see and photograph the city in ways you might not think possible, book one of Leanne's tours.  I will definitely sign up for another." - Keith, Brooklyn

Leanne Staples