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Review by Ruven, New York City

"Leanne provided a great experience in a part of the city that was new to me. I have lived in New York for over two years but I had never been to Spanish Harlem (aka East Harlem aka El Barrio). Leanne made the experience comfortable and enjoyable for our group. She has a natural ease with the people and helped us to engage at a deeper level with many people and hear their stories.

Leanne guided us to locations for interesting pictures and provided details on composition and camera settings. We ended the long walk with a drink and a nice chat and review in a cool restaurant. This photo walk was a great experience for me (and I think the other four people as well). 

One note (not criticism): If you're looking for shot-by-shot analysis and detailed guidance regarding your individual pictures, this is not that kind of event. Leanne was making pictures at the same time as us, so we got to learn how she does 'street' by observing her. She constantly provided advice on location and angle for interesting composition and we did show Leanne some shots and got feedback from her, but this is not an intense 'training' type of event." - Ruven, New York City.

Leanne Staples