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Shoot New York City has had hundreds of very satisfied customers from all over the world on our tours and street photography workshops! See their reviews here and on Trip Advisor.

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Review by Gail, Wales, UK

"Amazing tour. I booked an 8 hour tour ending at dusk - with my sole request to end somewhere with lights/reflections/water etc. AN amazing tour - a mixture of Street Photography, Street Art and general scenes.

I soon learnt the difference between a tug on the arm and a light tap - a tug on the arm meant Do NOT CROSS the road and a tap meant a street photography opportunity. Leanne knew her stuff, and is a lovely personable person who gave lots of info about New York as well photography, we also stopped at 3 lovely rest stops for food and drink. Don't hesitate to book with Leanne - you will have a great time both photography wise and generally" - Gail, Wales, UK.

Leanne Staples