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Tour & Street Photography Workshop Reviews

SNYC has had hundreds of very satisfied customers from all over the world on our tours and workshops! See their reviews here and on Trip Advisor.

I have provided walking photo tours and street photography workshops for hundreds of visitors to NYC and New Yorkers alike. These are some of the reviews.

Review by Hector, New Jersey

"A Hispanic Slice of New York City with Leanne Staples. - A small group of photographers met Leanne Staples on a corner of 103rd Street to explore El Barrio. We zigzagged this close to colors and textures and really cool busy streets with wonderful murals and street art. We chatted with locals and snapped away with our cameras at a comfortable pace on a delightful afternoon among street vendors, restaurants, shops and folks just hanging out, playing dominoes or simply enjoying time with neighbors. A great opportunity to sample a Hispanic Slice of New York City that most visitors to Manhattan miss out on. And lunch was great, too." - Hector, New Jersey.

Che in El Barrio
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