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Discover NYC – Your Guide to Indie Businesses

Discover the local, independent businesses that are the heart and soul of NYC in Shoot New York City’s guide to the best of indie New York!

Discover the real NYC in Shoot New York City’s Discover Guide

I love the independent businesses in New York, they are the heart and soul of the city! In this section you will find bookstores, cafés, restaurants, arts & crafts markets and more. Unfortunately, I am unable to keep up with the closing of so many small businesses. So please check in advance that they are still open. It's an ongoing project to list the best of indie New York so visit often to discover the real New York City. Experience the hidden gems and places that New Yorkers frequent. For more information on many of NYC’s vibrant neighborhoods, have a read of my Neighborhood Guides. I am not compensated for writing these reviews and I'm only writing about the places that I like.


Gray's Papaya, Upper West Side, Manhattan

Gray's Papaya is a real New York thing to do! A hot dog and a papaya juice are the typical things people order. They also have the standard NYC breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. Gray's Papaya was a favorite of the girls on Sex and the City as well. It has been featured in many films and a favorite of many famous and not famous New Yorkers.

There were other locations in the past that have closed due to the cost of rent.  I understand that there's another location on Eighth Avenue as well. They're open 24 hours 7 day per week and the food is very inexpensive. No website. I have a photo somewhere in my archives that they endorsed Obama for president in 2008.

Gray's Papaya - 2090 Broadway at 72nd Street

Gray's Papaya, UWS