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Discover NYC – Your Guide to Indie Businesses

Discover the local, independent businesses that are the heart and soul of NYC in Shoot New York City’s guide to the best of indie New York!

I love the independent businesses in New York, they are the heart and soul of the city! In this section you will find bookstores, cafés, restaurants, arts & crafts markets and more. Unfortunately, I am unable to keep up with the closing of so many small businesses. So please check in advance that they are still open. It's an ongoing project to list the best of indie New York so visit often to discover the real New York City. Experience the hidden gems and places that New Yorkers frequent. For more information on many of NYC’s vibrant neighborhoods, have a read of my Neighborhood Guides. I am not compensated for writing these reviews and I'm only writing about the places that I like.


Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village, Manhattan

"Stonewall Inn is a gay bar & National Historic Landmark, site of the 1969 riots that launched the gay rights movement." The Stonewall Inn opened in 1966 by three members of the Mafia. It was illegal to be gay or own a gay establishment in 1966. The Mafia didn't care about the laws. On 28 June 1969 there were riots at the Stonewall when the police raided the bar.

The Stonewall Inn has been classified in the U.S. Register of Historic Places, as a U.S. Historic Landmark, a U.S. National Monument and a NYC Landmark. It is also know as the birthplace of the Pride movement. 

Stonewall Inn  53 Christopher Street