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Reviews on Leanne Staples' Shoot New York City Photo Tours.

Review by Whymark, London, Canada

"El Barrio Tour in May 2017. Leanne's tour was a lot of fun! She keeps the groups small so as not to be too imposing and unmanageable. The El Barrio photo tour was particularly good as it takes you to a neighbourhood full of warm people that might otherwise be overlooked by visitors to New York. Not to sound too fancy-pants, but the absence of tourists also makes for better photographs as New Yorkers are typically more interesting. :) It was a great afternoon and I was fortunate to spend it with a wonderful group of people. One last thing: Leanne's knowledge of the city equals her acumen for photography and her willingness to make recommendations is definitely something to mine. Top drawer!" - Whymark, London, Canada

Leanne Staples