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Reviews on Leanne Staples' Shoot New York City Photo Tours.

Review by Alli, Melbourne, Australia

"I would recommend a tour with Leanne, fun, flexible and knowledgable. The timing of my trip didn't work to join one of Leanne's group tours but she offered to spend half a day with me on whatever I was most interested in shooting. She even met me where I was staying. As well as her knowledge and love of photography, she is great fun to hang out with and even knows where to get a good coffee along the way. I really enjoyed her local knowledge and she challenged me to shoot in ways that I don't normally shoot (from the hip). We started out on modern architecture but I will definitely spend the balance of my time in this great city honing my street photography as she opened my eyes as to a different approach to it. I would highly recommend any tour with Leanne. She's great from a photographic perspective and her local knowledge is a real bonus and adds to the experience." - Alli, Melbourne, Australia

Leanne Staples