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SNYC has had hundreds of very satisfied customers from all over the world on our tours and workshops! See their reviews here and on Trip Advisor.

I have provided walking photo tours and street photography workshops for hundreds of visitors to NYC and New Yorkers alike. These are some of the reviews.

Review by Father Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Want a worry free time with great shots. Call Leanne. Now. Going to New York for the first time, I wanted to capture the beauty of the city. I'm a priest by profession, but also a very serious photographer falling in love with the hobby. While birds and nature are my primary focus, I also love street and cityscape shots. A photo tells a story of a moment in time; a moment so often overlooked by us in our busy schedules. There's so much to see out there in life, from the bird in the tree, to the people on the street, to the cars that go by and the amazing architecture that's all around us. 

Let's face it, New York is big. Very big. So what do you see and when? Where do you go and what time? A guide book will only tell you so much. Doing some digging, I ran across another photographer who told me about Leanne, and I set up 2 days with her. I have a lot to go through, but I can tell you I know I got a lot of great photos because of her. We went all over the city at various times, worked with light, got some wonderful night shots, and I knew I was in great hands, not missing anything or getting lost. Leanne made a good trip great. On top of this she is a walking encyclopedia of New York, and can fill you in on the history too and the facts about things and buildings you are looking at. She also has a great personality too to make you feel comfortable. 

So if you are thinking to yourself "hey, I think I'll go photograph New York" just remember, this place is huge, and you can't be everywhere all at once. Leanne will take you where you need to go and when, and space out your time to create the experience you want, so you can go home with so many memories and photos of this amazing city. Her rates are very reasonable too, and well worth it. Don't be that guy who shot the Statue of Liberty at noon and then took a few shots of the skyline in bad light. Get keeper shots and make the most of your time in NYC by calling Leanne, you won't be disappointed." - Father Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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