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Tour & Street Photography Workshop Reviews

SNYC has had hundreds of very satisfied customers from all over the world on our tours and workshops! See their reviews here and on Trip Advisor.

I have provided walking photo tours and street photography workshops for hundreds of visitors to NYC and New Yorkers alike. These are some of the reviews.

Review by Harrie, The Netherlands

"Great Workshop Street Photography. I had a great workshop street photography with Leanne Staples. She knows about street photography and she knows the area, in this case Chinatown/Little Italy. I appreciated her patience and individual attention for all of us. 

I learned a couple of things from her. First: use auto ISO. I never thought about that actually. It is easier indeed, if you are on the streets taking pictures, you don't have to worry about different light in the course of the day. And according to Leanne auto ISO is very accurate on modern camera's these days. 

But most importantly, I learned to step out of my comfort zone. I used to shoot people from far away with a tele lens. But street photography is all about getting close: to people or the action. Taking pictures with wide angle lens (18-35 mm.) is the best. It might be scary to get into other people's comfort zone or in their faces, but I discovered it isn't that scary. As long as you stay polite and friendly and have a smile, it is quite okay. And, as Leanne said, New Yorkers don't care anyway, they are close to other people all the time when they are on the street or on the subway.

Another helpful lesson: take your time. In street photography, especially in New York, I tended to run around like crazy and do a sort of hit-and-run photography. Staying at the same place for a while gives you better pictures. Look for a nice place, and wait for the action literally walk into your frame. 

These is lots more to say, but I think you should try a workshop of Leanne by yourself. It is very worth it, I learned a lot more than I wrote here. And, last but not least, I had a great day with Leanne and the other students from around the world. All the best," - Harrie the Netherlands.

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