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Lower Manhattan, Wall Street and Staten Island Ferry Tour

A 5 hour walking tour through the historic places and little winding streets with all its history in the midst of one of the most powerful financial districts in the world.

The Lower Manhattan, Wall Street & The Staten Island Ferry Tour is a 5 hour walking tour through little winding streets stopping at Federal Hall, the NYSE, Trinity Church and more. There's so much history in the midst of one of the most powerful financial districts in the world. Then off to a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry where you get fabulous views (and photos) of the island of Manhattan.

This is a private tour and the cost is $300 for a group up to 4 people. (Inquire for larger groups.) For more information or to reserve a tour contact me. A 50% deposit (payable through PayPal) is required to reserve a date. You can choose to be met at your hotel or meet in a designated location. The time listed for the tour is the minimum about of time that we can reasonably see and shoot here. We can definitely do a longer tour if you like. An additional hour is $60 and it is possible that I will be able to accommodate that during our tour.

Tour Suggestions are a sample of some of the possible places of my tours with the length of time and cost included. My tours are designed for those who want to discover New York City, with or without camera. Included are historical, architectural and cultural information about the city. As well, suggestions are offered about how to get around town or other places you might want to visit while you’re here. Photos documenting your tour can also be included. 

For photo tours (beginners to advanced,) assistance is provided on camera use, techniques and photographic opportunities. Genres include (but are not limited to) urban landscapes, graffiti and street photography.

I specialize in customized tours to suit your specific interests and any of the sample tours can be modified or we can start from scratch. Tours range from 4 hours to multiple days  (discounts apply) depending on what you would like to achieve and the amount of time that you have.