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Williamsburg Neighborhood Guide

From its working-class roots to modern-day hipster’s paradise of galleries, artists, boutique shops and restaurants. Welcome to Williamsburg! Read about Williamsburg in this SNYC neighborhood guide.

Williamsburg is one of a handful of what we now call “hipster” neighborhoods. A perfect example of this is Lena Dunham’s HBO series Girls which takes place in Williamsburg. Once upon a time it was populated by working class and the poor. Then artists began moving into the neighborhood in the 1970s and 1980s and history repeats itself once again.

You can take L Train to the first stop in Brooklyn to get to Williamsburg. You can also take the East River Ferry for $2.75 and it’s a nice way to get around while getting great views. The L Train is also called the Love Train. If you are on it on a weekend night it looks like a party scene. People have written stories, both non-fiction and fiction about meeting the love of their life on the L Train.

There are many independent businesses in Williamsburg. They include restaurants, bookstores, galleries and boutique stores offering every kind of merchandise you can imagine. There are also a number of street merchants selling goods on Bedford Avenue. I feel strongly that the only way that you can truly experience this city is through these businesses. They are unique and are representative of the ‘real’ New York. I have listed many of the indie businesses in Discover New York City.

There is a beautiful waterside park with views of Manhattan and it is a few blocks from the East River Ferry or a short walk across North 7th Street. Even 5 years ago there was more street art in Williamsburg than there is now. But you can still find it if you look.

A few famous people who are from Williamsburg or who resided there include; Buddy Rich, Henry Miller, Bugsy Siegel, Man Ray, Joy Behar, Gene Simmons, Mel Brooks, Barry Manilow, Winona Ryder and Zoe Kravitz to name a few. It is a fabulous neighborhood to explore.